12-13 Sept 2012 Oslo Spektrum, Norway

In addition to the regular program we also have hands-on workshops. These workshops are only available to participants of JavaZone and are included in the conference pass. All workshops are limitied to 30 participants. First come first served.

Day 1 - Wednesday September 12th

Android & NFC workshop


Workshop for getting started with Android development and near Field Communications (NFC) on Android

  • Timeslot: 0900 - 1120
  • Instructors: Thomas Rørvik Skjølberg & Tommy Skodje
  • Language: Norwegian or English if neccessary
  • Signup and detailed information: Signup for Android and NFC workshop

Clojure workshop


This tutorial takes you through the basics of the Clojure language with a series of hands-on programming exercises designed to demystify the Lisp syntax and let you take your first steps along the path to thinking like a true functional programmer.

  • Timeslot: 1140 - 1400
  • Instructors: Anders Karlsen & Bodil Stokke
  • Language: Norwegian or English if neccessary
  • Signup and detailed information: Signup for Clojure workshop

Scala & Unfiltered workshop


The workshop will get you started with Unfiltered - a simple and lightweight toolkit for building web applications in Scala

Kotlin in Action workshop


This workshop gives a hands-on introduction to Kotlin and its tools: editing code with a smart IDE, debugging, building and testing.

Fotograf mot alle odds

Fotokurs for å inspirere fotografer.

  • Timeslot: 1820 - 1920
  • Instructor: Bjørn Oppsal
  • Where: Communitytrack

Day 2 - Thursday September 13th

Workshop on functional programming


In this workshop we will explain core functional principles using good old Java. We will show what is possible to do in this non-functional language, and in which ways Java fails miserably at FP. Along the way, you will be given several hands-on exercises, some of which are inspired by real life programs.

After learning the core principles of FP in Java, will will introduce you to an actual functional language, Clojure. We will teach you enough Clojure so that you will be able to solve the same problems that you did with Java. In the end, we will also show you some of the amazing things you can do in a real functional language.

Gradle bootcamp


Join Peter Niederwieser, Principal Engineer at Gradleware and inventor of Spock, for an intensive bootcamp designed to get you building effectively.

  • Timeslot: 1420 - 1800
  • Instructors: Magnus Rundberget & Peter Niederwieser
  • Language: English
  • Signup and detailed information: Signup for Gradle bootcamp

About JavaZone

JavaZone is an important meeting place for software developers in Scandinavia, and is the biggest community driven conference of its kind. JavaZone has been described as a high quality, independent conference – a leading forum for knowledge exchange for IT-professionals. All speakers are selected by the independent Program Committee.

Over 30 large and mid-sized companies – our partners – exhibit their brand and services/products during the conference. Without partners, volunteers, the speakers and the participants, the conference would not be possible.

About javaBin

javaBin is a non-profit, independent organization. The purpose is to promote Java expertise among members, member firms and the market. javaBin is headquartered in Oslo, with subgroups in Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim and in southern Norway. In 2009 the group had over 2,000 members from over 210 companies.

javaBin arranges monthly meetings for its members. The meetings are a good way to strengthen the Java platform and is a venue for sharing experiences and information in addition to being a social arena that links people across firms and institutions.